Recommended Attractions to Visit When In Alaska

Alaska is a renowned global tourist destination. Alaska is vast, so is its beauty. Its capital, Juneau, is a curious state capital tucked away with a unique road access. You can enjoy Alaska’s magnificent beauty while paddling, fishing in the great outdoors, and hiking. A sea kayak expedition in Alaska is also one of the best outdoor activities to enjoy.The parks here are among the largest in the United States. Here are the top places to visit in Alaska:

  1. Denali National Park


This national park embraces the highest mountain in North America. Denali National Park lies in the northern part of the Alaska Range and comprises of spectacular glacier-draped mountains, high alpine ranges, broad river valleys, and tundra. PlanetWare Sites that Denali is home to more than 160 species of birds, and it’s the perfect place to watch grizzly bears, reindeer, elk, and wolves. This is among the most recommended attractions to visit when in Alaska.


  1. Glacier Bay National Park


Located in southeastern Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a UNESCO world heritage site, states World Tourist Attractions. This park is famous for its massive glaciers. Again, it is ideal if you are seeking to watch wildlife or just seeking a get-away experience. The kids will not be left out as they will discover new animals other than the ones they are used to.


  1. Anchorage and Fairbanks


You will get overwhelmed with the spectacular Mountain View, icy blue glaciers, and fascinating cultures in Anchorage—the largest city in Alaska. Witness the incredibly beautiful astrophysical phenomenon referred to as the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights is a multicolored glow illuminating the sky most powerfully between August and April. Fairbanks, on the other hand, is known to receive up to 22 hours of sunlight per day during the summer.


  1. Tracy Arm Fjord


A day cruise to this park allows you to witness a variety of marine life—from otters, harbor seals, puffins, sea stars, bald eagles, orcas, to Minke whales and Dall’s porpoises. This scenic setting lies within Tongass National Forest. A fantastic sea kayak expedition in Alaska begins here at Tracy Arm Fjord. It consists of two deep and narrow fjords known as the Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm. Both fjords spread for over thirty miles long. During summertime, the fjords have floating ice which ranges from hand-sized to pieces as large as a three-story building. It is both an exciting and amazing journey passing through all this ice. You really should give it a try. Nearby this attraction you will find the best resto that serves the best foods to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


  1. Alaska Native Heritage Center


This tourist attraction center offers an insight into Alaska’s native people’s artworks, crafts, songs, and dances. It is both a center that is both educational and cultural. Cultural guides here demonstrate some of the traditional practices. It’s a place where you can greatly increase your understanding of the indigenous people in Alaska. The Alaska Native Heritage Center shows the legacy of Alaska’s eleven main cultural groups. These include the Athabaskan people, Eyak people, Tlingit people, Haida people, Tsimshian people, Unangax people (Aleut), Alutiiq people, Yup’ik, Cup’ik, Siberian Yupik, and Inupiaq.


Wherever sightseeing may find you, touring Alaska is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. For a nature lover and an outbound enthusiast, explore this eco-friendly tourist destination for a memorable experience.