Be Healthy – Go Outside

The beauty of nature is so brilliant and it is all around us. All one has to do is simply go outside and take it all in. As a lifelong nature lover, I have learned over time that being in nature is not only great for stress relief but so crucial in other ways to benefit health.

Studies have shown that there are lots of benefits to spending more time outdoors and I stand behind those reports. What we do more than ever these days is spend time indoors and on our technological gadgets, and it is not doing us better in terms of our health. What we have learned over the years is that the great outdoors can significantly improve our health as well as help alleviate the signs of depression and decrease negativity. What I like to do after a particularly long and stressful day is take a walk outside right after dinner. At least three times a day for half an hour is the minimum that I need in order to feel better.

Which sounds better to you, walking outdoors for a leisurely stroll or walking around your office? The fact remains that there are few workplaces that are conducive to exercising and there are so many distractions there that it is impossible to get that done. So, that really means taking a walk outdoors and ideally after work. Why is it that nature is able to turn us all into happier individuals? Well, there are a number of reasons but there is nothing like taking in the fresh air to relieve signs of stress and negative vibes. The following are just some of the reasons why going outside and taking in nature with a stroll is better for your health.

It Eases Depression

old couple walking on the woods

According to research studies, nature walks have been linked to positivity increases and enhancing mental health. It also is linked to decreasing stress levels and lower depression levels too. If you have had a day that is particularly stressful and need a break from it all, it helps to boost the mood in a significant way

Improves Outlook

There are lots of people out there, including me, that don’t like gyms and try to avoid them at all times. For those people, going outside and taking a walk is probably the best course of action to take if you want to stay active and keep your health in check.

Improving Focus

man concentrating

Do you want to elevate your ability to concentrate? Then start walking and you will be amazed at how your brain will reignite itself. I know that for me when I take a few walks each week, my mind stays alert and I have learned it has restorative effects on attention levels. What’s not to like about that news?

Strengthening Immunity

Unfortunately, getting healthy involves more than just a pill that you can pop in your mouth once a day. You have to put in the work and studies have shown that about three days a week and thirty minutes a day is all one needs in order to increase virus-fighting white blood cells. Studies even show these boots can last up to a week afterward.